Privacy Policy

Here is our privacy statement.

MTC Powder Solutions AB (hereinafter referred to as our "Company" or “We”) uses our customers’ information (hereinafter "personal information") for the following purposes:


We are committed to continuously providing efficient customer service to our customers. In dealing with customers’ personal information, we recognize its importance, and therefore handle personal information appropriately by observing laws and regulations concerning personal data information protection. We will use the information you provide to be in touch with you..

Storage of data

We take necessary and appropriate steps and other security measures to help protect personal information handled by our Company to prevent leakage, loss or damage thereof.

Your personal data will be stored for as long as necessary to meet the purposes detailed above.

Sharing information with parties outside of MTC PS

MTC PS does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal data to outside parties except as provided below:

MTC PS may share with another MTC company if necessary to respond to you

MTC PS uses reCAPTCHA, a service by Google Inc, to authenticating users and remove spam through its submission forms. ReCAPTCHA is a third party plugin which checks if you are a person in order to prevent certain website functionality from being used/abused by spam bots. The plugin collects data such as software and hardware information, indirectly and directly, by the use of cookies. The data is sent to Google for analysis and will be used to improving reCAPTCHA and general security purposes.